Linkstream:: it’s too cold, stay inside with the internet!

Oh! It is still win­ter (at least sort of, it fluc­tu­ates between all the sea­sons in Hous­ton). I have mixed feel­ings regard­ing this; on one hand I love the cold, the bar­ren, the des­o­late poetry that is win­ter, on the oth­er­hand, oh my god it’s so windy. (P.S If you’re strug­gling with this long, weird […]

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Lyrical sorcery:: 6 tips for poetic writing

These tips were specif­i­cally cre­ated with poetry or lyri­cal essays in mind, but there’s no doubt they can help with any of your writ­ing projects! + Start with an image:: an object, a scene, a mem­ory, an emo­tion, a place, a moment, a char­ac­ter. Be very detailed in the descrip­tion. Bonus:: To prac­tice devel­op­ing a […]

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Wednesday writing prompts 2.19.14

+ Write a love let­ter to one of your flaws you hate the most. + You’re a supervil­lain. A really fright­en­ing, pow­er­ful, meaaaaaan son-of-a-bitch. Write a char­ac­ter analy­sis of this vil­lain­ous self, then write a char­ac­ter analy­sis of your heroic arch-nemesis. Finally, write a short story about a con­fronta­tion between the two. + This was a writ­ing assign­ment from […]

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Life of ladybugs:: a winter update post

After spend­ing months devel­op­ing a sched­ule of reg­u­lar post­ing, my heart decided it couldn’t go on, and it was time to take a break. So break i took. This win­ter has been an incred­i­bly strange time in my life. My heart was bro­ken for a while, but then I got over it & started really living […]

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Wednesday writing prompts 1.22.14

+ What is your 10 word plan for the rest of the year?  + Write a 2200 word story (about any­thing!). Sleep on it for a day. Read over it & cut out 1000 words. + Write an essay about the con­cept of fresh­ness. + Write a really detailed char­ac­ter descrip­tion of your ideal self & then […]

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Best of 2013

What an excit­ing year it’s been! These are some of my favorite or most pop­u­lar posts from this year. I hope you enjoy & I wish you a faaaab­u­lous 2014! Mat­ter isn’t solid, but mostly empty space, empty space doesn’t really con­tain noth­ing; par­ti­cles are both par­ti­cles & waves& can affect other par­ti­cles with­out being at all near them. Every […]

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