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“This is just another case of Con­gress doing the bid­ding of pow­er­ful lobbyists—in this case, Hol­ly­wood and the music indus­try, among oth­ers. It would be down­right mun­dane if the leg­is­la­tion weren’t so dra­con­ian and the rhetoric sur­round­ing it weren’t so trans­par­ently pan­der­ing”, said a For­tune edi­to­r­ial. — Wikipedia


For an extra bonus here are 2 Alan Watts quotes from the book I’m read­ing The Supreme Iden­tity An Essay on Ori­en­tal Meta­physic and the Chris­t­ian Reli­gion (all ama­zon links are affil­i­ate links! You can sup­port my work by sup­port­ing your own growth!)

It has, fur­ther­more, become my con­vic­tion that par­ti­san­ship in reli­gion is no longer intel­lec­tu­ally respectable, and that the var­i­ous reli­gions should be regarded as dif­fer­ing styles of doing the same thing”

Phi­los­o­phy, like sci­ence, is a social func­tion, for a man can­not think rightly alone, and the philoso­pher must pub­lish his thought as much to learn from crit­i­cism as to con­tribute to the sum of wisdom.”

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