The Old­est Recorded Supernova

Happy Sol­stice Loves! And other hol­i­days! Here’s some joybrighteners.


Lastly, as I pre­pare for launch­ing a really excit­ing project I’ve been work­ing on, I’ve been think­ing a lot about the pur­pose and place of archives in a dig­i­tal world. And because the uni­verse is syn­chronic­i­tous, I just hap­pened to switch over to facebook’s time­line, which brought up a wide array of emo­tions, since now you & I can see every­thing I’ve ever done since I joined. I have a whole lot to say about archives which I’ll be writ­ing about when I’m done sit­ting with it. But in the mean­time, I want to know, how do you feel about archives? As we evolve should we delete them? Does any­thing online ever truly get deleted? Have you switched over to time­line yet? And if you have, what emo­tions does it bring up in you? And of course, feel free to add me over there!