Photographs of animals in the grocery store by Agan Harahap
Pho­tographs of ani­mals in the gro­cery store by Agan Harahap

“When you’ve got noth­ing, the only place to go is up. When you’re feel­ing unin­spired, you’re sim­ply unre­strained. Try and make some­thing stu­pid. Take another shot at a project you’ve done before. It doesn’t mat­ter that you feel unin­spired. When you do things any­way, the inspi­ra­tion will fol­low.” -Justin David Cox 

Hello lovely out­laws! Happy Thursday!

The begin­ning of this week, it was super cold, grey & wet in Hous­ton– per­fect for drink­ing a bunch of tea, stay­ing inside to watch Lost (have I men­tioned I’ve been watch­ing Lost for the first time? It’s INSANE), & scour­ing the inter­net for deli­cious good­ies. It finally cleared up, just in time for the week­end, which is good news because I plan on doing a lot of out­side dancing.

If you’re still stuck inside– per­haps these can help cure the win­ter blues!