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horror show sara

hor­ror show sara

So it’s the last month of the spring semester,

& I’ve been pro­cras­ti­nat­ing, of course. I have so many papers that need to be writ­ten & words that require read­ing, it’d be exhaust­ing if I were actu­ally on top of my shit (whoops!). Instead, I’ve been perus­ing the inter­net & rewatch­ing Broad City (dude).
Want to pro­cras­ti­nate with me? Links a’hoy!

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snow capped mountains with the sun peaking out

Oh! It is still winter

(at least sort of, it fluc­tu­ates between all the sea­sons in Hous­ton). I have mixed feel­ings regard­ing this; on one hand I love the cold, the bar­ren, the des­o­late poetry that is win­ter, on the oth­er­hand, oh my god it’s so windy. (P.S If you’re strug­gling with this long, weird win­ter — check out the 17 ways I make win­ter magic hap­pen!). Feel free to flee the frost, with some inter­net tomfoolery!

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infinite stairway to heaven

It’s been a month since the last linkstream!

To be quite hon­est, the first half of these links were ready to go 2 weeks ago, but then I under­went a bit of a per­sonal cri­sis, & I couldn’t even fathom climb­ing out of bed much less fin­ish­ing a post.
Things are much, much bet­ter now & I feel so excited to share these links with you! Since it’s been so long, I have plenty of juice for you, so if you can’t make it through all at once, book­mark it & come back when you’re feel­ing dull & full after eat­ing all that hol­i­day ham (on a side note, blech ham!)
As I already took a hia­tus dur­ing the month, I will have 2 reg­u­larly sched­uled posts next week — includ­ing a new begin­nings for the new year themed Wednes­day writ­ing prompts on Christ­mas! Muah!

Alas though, let’s get to the links already! 

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blossoms & mind inception.')">

 Novem­ber is upon us!

Crazy non? It’s no secret that fall is my favorite sea­son (although a) any­thing not sum­mer is great, & b) there’s no such thing as fall in Texas.) I’m so excited for next two months: fin­ish­ing up this semes­ter & reg­is­ter­ing for spring, deli­cious hol­i­day foods, deli­cious hol­i­day dresses, the knowl­edge that cold weather is loom­ing (I wore shorts this week, come on!).

Let’s get to some links!

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photographs of underwater flowers by charles emerson

Oh Octo­ber!

I can’t believe how fast it has gone by.
Slow down time with some lovely links.

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