eleven o’clock gratitude list

grate­ful for
watch­ing game of thrones & veep
using my speaker & my tv
work­ing on site stuff
my led lights
dark choco­late cran­berry nut mix
mak­ing phone art
watch­ing cos­mos
read­ing mar­tin buber
mak­ing a lot of lists today
get­ting to see spencer, if even for a moment
my idea file
google drive
brain­storm­ing ideas
man­i­fest­ing what needs to be in my life
hav­ing time at school to work on my work
plas­tic fold­ers
hav­ing more water
all the tea & cof­fee choices


a friday lifestream


  • the new fea­tures on evernote
  • hav­ing fri­days off to get shit done! or just sleep in, b/c that feels amazing
  • exchang­ing jokes w/ my philo prof.
  • hav­ing shows to catch up on.
  • my oscil­lat­ing fan suckas! basi­cally the great­est inven­tion ever if you live in hous­ton & ac is expensive.
  • emer­gency back up cof­fee when i run out of coffee
  • my blue­tooth speaker
  • my lamps & led room lights
  • sun­glasses
  • google drive gets my papah’s written
  • find­ing namaste yoga videos
  • eos sum­mer fruit chapstick
  • hav­ing today to get my laun­dry done
  • broad city!
  • read­ing blog inspiration
  • online tele­vi­sion accounts
  • the new cosmos
  • hav­ing altoids & gum.

__ gratitude list

  1. my led room lights that change color & change mood.
  2. reup­ping
  3. spencer’s sis­ter in law really liked me
  4. i think i fin­ished writ­ing my ghazal for class today
  5. i had a lot of fun last night.
  6. the con­ver­sa­tion spencer & i had on the couch made me feel good.
  7. i still have hbo for right now.
  8. i have cof­fee right now. it’s good, warm.
  9. google drive, 750 words, ever­note. work­ing from anywhere.
  10. sweet pota­toes w/ chicken & spinach.
  11. mak­ing kale chips. mak­ing them spicy. eat­ing them w/ bal­samic vinaigrette.
  12. rhyming dic­tio­nar­ies.
  13. the week­end.
  14. talk­ing about soccer.
  15. read­ing e-squared & choose yourself.
  16. my par­ents bought more kleenex
  17. my long maxi dress.
  18. my mean­ing of life & fic­tion classes.
  19. feel­ing progress in my writing.
  21. my phone.
  22. super­glue! (superrrrhans)
  23. the new cosmos
  24. broad city
  25. putting plans in my calendar
  26. enjoy­ing the rich­ness of life

clap along if you feel like that’s what you want to do (gratitude/abundance)

i’m grate­ful for::

spring weather, my mean­ing of life phi­los­o­phy class, spencer, sweet potatoes/spinach & kale, going to sxsw last wknd, read­ing out­side last night, broad city, there’s a por­cu­pine at the zoo that paints & sells his art, choose your­self & esquared, sun­glasses, my printer, print­ing at school, the week­end, my mus­tard purse, hav­ing plans to sched­ule in my cal­en­dar, my life is rich & full, read­ing blogs, the school of life design face­book group, updates & upgrades, all the things i can do w/ ever­note & google drive, not stop­ping writ­ing even when i break my streaks, my cats are funny, cof­fee, that pharell happy song & this pom­plam­oose mashup, my blue­tooth speaker, my portable phone charger, learn­ing how to write for­mal poetry, my face­book friends, find­ing mul­ti­ple sources, my playlists

exam­ples of abun­dance in my life::

i wont need to buy any printer ink or paper for a long time, i have a lot of inter­net friends i can talk to, there’s a lot of music to lis­ten to, all my clothes, i have food choices that are good to eat, my life feels rich & full, sun­glasses, tiny index card note­books & other note­books & sketch­books (& art sup­plies), shows to watch on my queue, ideas in my idea file, books, flan­nel pj bot­toms, bras


tilt+ ideas for spring & summer

things i love thursday!

+ all the things i’ve been eat­ing lately. good dog hot dogs, beavers craw­fish & crab cakes, the gumbo & salmon at lib­erty kitchen. + new index card note­books, a scratch pad, a bag of after din­ner mints & sum­mer fruit eos chap­stick + broad city & the soup + my prime mem­ber­ship renewed before the price hike + mak­ing out in my dri­ve­way at night + blue­tooth speaker! + new lush soaps (so creamy!) + texas honey green tea tasted like the ambrosia of the gods! + the lovely spring weather this wk + start­ing i and thou + revlon lip but­ters (lol­lipop!) + my sun­glasses + my led room lights + spencer get­ting me an easter bunny full of fer­erro rochers + drink­ing cof­fee after i do this + southby this wknd + new cos­mos + updat­ing my playlists

a ten­ta­tive plan for spring/summer

+ write every­day. write more if it’s too hot to go out­side.
+ drink some green tea, hot or ice (prob­a­bly ice, but still drink some hot green tea)
+ go on adven­ture. per­haps to enchanted rock, maybe to marfa.
+ SUMMER SCHOOL. take either span­ish or sci­ence
+ use the bed­side fan to avoid total derange­ment
+ freeze your fruits! snacks! cold smooth­ies!
+ stay inside & read a book or two (or in the spring go out­side & read)
+ dont be a dick to your friends just b/c it’s hot.
+ get in shape you don’t feel anx­ious about wear­ing a bathing suit & then go swim­ming.
+ per­fect time to uti­lize the giant floppy hat
+ col­lect some flow­ers to press. then use them in an art
+ bath bomb it up yo
+ drink kaf­fir lime yogurt drinks
+ eat yel­low curry
+ thrift store shop­ping for shorts or sun­dresses
+ garage sales early in the mornings?

i love my life! a #lifestream

10 things i’m grate­ful for

1. get­ting 2 A’s on my first 2 papers & the awe­some fuck­ing com­ments i got on em’ #feels­good­man
2. hav­ing this after­noon & all day tomr to write the crit­i­cal analy­sis paper (& only hav­ing about half left to go)
4. hav­ing all next week to fin­ish beau­voir, write that paper, go look at art & write a poem
5. dynamo starts in 2 days
6. get­ting good dog hot dogs & fat cat ice cream last night (fuck­ing good yo)
7. google drive lets me do shit erry’wurr
8. when i can relax i have broad city, legit, archer to watch & i can rewatch true detec­tive. (plus true detec­tive finale this wknd… although i really want MORE)
9. my speaker & new music.
10. feeeeelin good