sunday + monday lists

sun­day review (what did i do last week?) 1. i got all xmas presents bought but one 2. redesigned my web­site 3. got all A’s. got a schol­ar­ship 4. art jour­naled 5. wrote every­day 6. ate a lemon ricotta, tomato hot dog at good dog 7. had spinach enchi­ladas at cristo­ball 8. exer­cised on some of […]

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forward, fantasy, fascination friday 12. 19. 2014

for­ward fri­day: 1. giv­ing my xmas presents 2. get­ting xmas presents 😀 3. my next semes­ter of classes! 4. nye par­ties, nye dresses 5. writ­ing some posts, rework­ing my essays and post­ing them, work­ing on my site. 6. fin­ish­ing read­ing schopen­haur, read­ing geneal­ogy and wind up bird chron­i­cles next. 7. eat­ing lunch today 8. the […]

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things i love thursday 12.18.14

1. post­ing on my web­site, chang­ing the design. cre­at­ing daily lists to lifestream, work­ing on posts. it feels great! 2. another round of all A’s for the semes­ter! “high fiv­ing a mil­lion angels!”  3. i got a moth­ah­fuckin scholah­hhship! 4. read­ing schopenhaur’s The World as Well and Rep­re­sen­ta­tion 5. pre­order­ing text­books for next semes­ter 6. order­ing xmas […]

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monday madness

moti­va­tion mon­day: 1. see­ing inter­stel­lar was def­i­nitely inspir­ing and i’ve been think­ing a lot about sci fi 2. watch­ing vp rules gave me ideas for how to cut my hair 3. read­ing about art. 4. i feel like work­ing on writ­ing and writ­ing on my site again 5. i feel like clean­ing every­thing and clearing […]

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habit forming: lifestream gratitude

+ read­ing Reli­gion for Athe­ists + par­tic­i­pat­ing in #love­to­ber + small mag­i­cal presents + my classes this semes­ter + i got a pack of metal chop­sticks +renew­ing my dynamo sea­son tix + work­ing on my writ­ing + apply­ing for schol­ar­ships + read­ing phi­los­o­phy +going to florida in a few weeks + get­ting a free ticket […]

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back with appreciation

thank­ful for: new clothes!: new shoes, two skirts, a maxi dress, palazzo pants, cat cardi­gan, new lip stains, eye hi-lighter, mas­cara, con­di­tioner, & face­wash. new san­dals & striped shirt from my grand­mother, orange shirt & white shorts from my mom. school start­ing next week. i have money. i have all but one of my classes textbooks. […]

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