habit forming: lifestream gratitude

+ read­ing Reli­gion for Athe­ists + par­tic­i­pat­ing in #love­to­ber + small mag­i­cal presents + my classes this semes­ter + i got a pack of metal chop­sticks +renew­ing my dynamo sea­son tix + work­ing on my writ­ing + apply­ing for schol­ar­ships + read­ing phi­los­o­phy +going to florida in a few weeks + get­ting a free ticket for tomor­rows dynamo game + hav­ing a phone i can type papers on + google drive + ever­note + the hint of cold fronts & shifts of sea­son + my crop top + all the clothes i’ve got­ten at tar­get this semes­ter + color orga­ni­za­tion + stu­dent dis­counts + sub­mit­ting poetry to the lit­er­ary mag­a­zine + the new sea­son of AHS & other fall tele­vi­sion + that shrimp, sage & but­ter­nut squash ravi­oli i ate the other day that was fuck­ing fan­tas­tic + adding new music to spo­tify + my mole­sk­ines + get­ting work­shopped in class which allows me to develop as a writer + devel­op­ing ideas + after­noon naps + friend­ship + hav­ing rides to the bus stop + eat­ing cook­ies in class + my cat cardigan

back with appreciation

thank­ful for:

new clothes!: new shoes, two skirts, a maxi dress, palazzo pants, cat cardi­gan, new lip stains, eye hi-lighter, mas­cara, con­di­tioner, & face­wash. new san­dals & striped shirt from my grand­mother, orange shirt & white shorts from my mom. school start­ing next week. i have money. i have all but one of my classes text­books. being able to clip entire email threads to ever­note. namaste yoga. colby’s prices. bot­tled water. spencer’s mother giv­ing me that tar­get gift card. the free shit i’ve got­ten from ori­en­ta­tion (erasable high­lighters, sticky note note­books, that key­board cleany thing, etc). tuesday’s. tele­vi­sion. the books i read this sum­mer: nor­we­gian wood, mar­t­ian time-slip, i am a strange loop, the gay sci­ence, beyond good & evil, birth of tragedy, the three stig­mata of palmer eldritch, work­ing on one on infin­ity now. the changes i made to my room over the sum­mer. being done with fuck­ing work this week. my hair. my sports bra. pink weights. my jump ropes. see­ing boy­hood last night. see­ing the ocean at mid­night with the full moon over it. my note­books. mak­ing art. chew­ing gum. mint eos chap­stick. baby oil gel. mela­tonin. doprah. my blue­tooth speaker. my head­phones. my oscil­lat­ing fan. hal­lu­ci­nat­ing fall/winter. cre­at­ing a wardrobe of cat clothes. neosporin. ical­en­dar & sub­scrip­tion cals. hot­box­ing the closet. scifi blogs. led room lights. the other stuff.

Summer TILT

grate­ful for

+ find­ing money + devel­op­ing ideas + the spring semes­ter is DONE! & now I have noth­ing but time. + I made 3 A’s & a B + read­ing Exegi­sis + cor­re­spon­dence + spo­tify now allows you to save music directly, so I’ve been hav­ing a lot of fun turn­ing my iPhone back into an iPod. + lis­ten­ing to new music, or newer, or old music i haven’t heard in a while + my blue­tooth speaker is won­der­ful + hdmi cord & net­flix + hav­ing chopped sweet potato & thick cut bacon (w apples & i can’t wait to try other pos­si­bil­i­ties) + cre­at­ing art again + catch­ing up on tv– i watched all of legit sea­son 2 (just in time for it to get can­celled :( ), the lat­est maron, GOT, Veep, Sil­i­con Val­ley, catch­ing up on Port­landia & 3 episodes into Fargo + look­ing for­ward to my first Mon­day Speakeasy night at Beavers not in school (& thus able to get super drunk) + chang­ing my plan­ner into just a lit­tle pocket idea book + clean­ing my room + the excep­tion­ally lovely weather the past few days + mod­podge + trad­ing in text­books for gift cards. + read­ing in the tub + Brain Pick­ings + dry erase boards/markers/erasers + djw + hang­ing out w/ Phil & Laura + i had a card to give my mom for moth­ers day + writ­ing poetry


excited for

+ THE WORLD CUP + see­ing the new Godzilla + going to Bren­ham for Laura’s bday + con­tin­u­ing build­ing my spo­tify music col­lec­tion + get­ting­ganj + going to Fitz Sat­ur­day + Beavers speakeasy night + fin­ish­ing Exegi­sis so I can start Murakami’s Nor­we­gian Wood + get­ting paid + the next time I do my nails + writ­ing over the sum­mer + work­ing on poetry + work­ing on my spiro­graph poster art (not actu­ally spirograph­ing, re-purposing)  +

i need to get ready for class, but instead i’m going to lifestream #gratitude

grate­ful for

+ wan­der­ing through the for­est + namaste yoga + hav­ing a good 420 + fin­ish­ing my paper early this morn­ing + my cre­ative writ­ing port­fo­lio due date got pushed back + it’s the last week of class before finals + gevalia cof­fee + win­ning the game of pool last fri­day + my new hdmi cord + watch­ing pacific rim, the dal­las buy­ers club, & crimes & mis­de­meanors this week + keep­ing up with my writer + wear­ing all black + email con­ver­sa­tions w west­fall + dynamo & the rock­ets play tonight. + read­ing books + google drive + new dragon stat­ues & white board + i got free cheese & dessert at school yes­ter­day + easter candy + my printer + i’m not preg­nant! (always grate­ful) + spencer’s new apart­ment + mov­ing things around in my room + i can go to bed early tonight + i can make art tonight (after read­ing murakami) + ran­dom ibupro­fen lying around

eleven o’clock gratitude list

grate­ful for
watch­ing game of thrones & veep
using my speaker & my tv
work­ing on site stuff
my led lights
dark choco­late cran­berry nut mix
mak­ing phone art
watch­ing cos­mos
read­ing mar­tin buber
mak­ing a lot of lists today
get­ting to see spencer, if even for a moment
my idea file
google drive
brain­storm­ing ideas
man­i­fest­ing what needs to be in my life
hav­ing time at school to work on my work
plas­tic fold­ers
hav­ing more water
all the tea & cof­fee choices


a friday lifestream


  • the new fea­tures on evernote
  • hav­ing fri­days off to get shit done! or just sleep in, b/c that feels amazing
  • exchang­ing jokes w/ my philo prof.
  • hav­ing shows to catch up on.
  • my oscil­lat­ing fan suckas! basi­cally the great­est inven­tion ever if you live in hous­ton & ac is expensive.
  • emer­gency back up cof­fee when i run out of coffee
  • my blue­tooth speaker
  • my lamps & led room lights
  • sun­glasses
  • google drive gets my papah’s written
  • find­ing namaste yoga videos
  • eos sum­mer fruit chapstick
  • hav­ing today to get my laun­dry done
  • broad city!
  • read­ing blog inspiration
  • online tele­vi­sion accounts
  • the new cosmos
  • hav­ing altoids & gum.