Who is Sara?

I’m Sara Whittemore

Aka, Sara Lady­bug, a writer, artist and stu­dent liv­ing in Hous­ton, Texas. My most impor­tant pri­or­ity and goal in life is to con­stantly improve my writ­ing. This site stems from that mission.

I’m cur­rently pur­su­ing degrees in cre­ative writ­ing and phi­los­o­phy and hope to attend grad school. I love writ­ing sci­ence fic­tion, non-fiction essays, poetry and incan­ta­tions for the mod­ern age.

Like my writ­ing and my life, this site is an ever-evolving, work in progress.

In the past this blog has focused on cre­at­ing a magic life and liv­ing pas­sion­ately, but the jug­ger­naut of time moves us all in new direc­tions. Pri­mar­ily, this blog will fea­ture ideas and inspi­ra­tion revolv­ing around writ­ing. But writ­ing encom­passes the whole of life, so look for posts on art, phi­los­o­phy and any­thing else I find star-spankin’ stellar.

»You can still view some of my most pop­u­lar (& favorite!) posts here! 

sillohette of a hand writing



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2 thoughts on “Who is Sara?

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  2. GIRLFRIEND. You are phe­nom­e­nal. You are inspir­ing me to the high heav­ens. Thanks for shar­ing your awesomeness.

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